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Free shipping for orders over $50 and easy returns.
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About Us

Somatchi began as a simple idea. Simply but, we want to share our love of beautiful and interesting products with the world. 

As a specialty sock store, we love finding cheerful and vibrant patterns to surprise even the most die-hard sock fans, while also providing socks designed for warmth or various kinds of occasions to customers with exactly what they need.

Somatchi is a huge believer in design. We believe in the value of human creativity and the value of caring the world and ourselves in a sustainable way. And we try to bring these visions through our collections of socks, to life. 

Bright, colorful, and inspired by what we see or where we live everyday, each product reminds us of what we love about the world we live in. We hope they’ll inspire you too.

It is our pleasure to have you as our customer and we stand by our promise to provide the best customer service. 

A big "Thank you!" and a hearty "Welcome!" to our first timers. :) 

Team Somatchi